The No Strings Attached Award


Simple Moments of Life

I would like to thank Hyperion Sturm for this nomination. It means a lot to me, as I take every nomination as a happy sign that someone has taken the time to read my blogs and appreciate them. Thank you once again!

I totally enjoy Hyperion Sturm’s blog, especially the Return of the Dragons. Please do go and check out this blog.

The No Strings Attached Award, is just that. It comes with no rules or requirements to do anything. You can post it or not, it’s your choice.


The No Strings Attached Award was designed on Alfreds Almanac using input from his readers. You can check out his original post by clicking –>HERE<–   A website was set up just for people to retrieve the award and to get information. You can see that page by clicking –>HERE<–

This Award is given by one blogger…

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Award 1: A ray of sunshine


Weave a Web

In a previous life’s blog I never accepted awards because I didn’t have the time. Now I find, in my case, that time and graciousness come with age. I accept them as unassumingly as possible, but with a great deal of delight.

Nomination 1. The Sunshine Award


Derrick Knight nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Derrick’s blog is here. I very much enjoy his daily rambles, ambles, gambles, shambles, brambles, pre-and-post-prandials…

Some personal things are to be said about myself that possibly are of no interest to anyone other than me:

1. I was a catholic priest for over 30 years, being a member of the Marist Fathers, and spent much of my priesthood as a teacher of Music, English, Drama and Religious Studies in Catholic secondary schools.
2. I was brought up on sheep, cattle and dairy farms. Yes, I can milk a mean cow.
3. My Master’s…

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